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The Denver Experience Part 2

So the night finished as expected. I had my fun with E. He was just as talented as his friend. I had officially had sex with two men in the same night- men I had JUST met. It was exhilarating…. Continue Reading →

The Denver Experience Part 1

“We should get away for a girls’ weekend.” “Where would we go?” “I dunno. Southwest is having a sale, let’s just find cheap airfare and go for it” “Deal.” Eight weeks later, Liz and I landed in Denver. We went… Continue Reading →


“When are you meeting her?” “I was going to leave in like 15 mins. I can help put the boys down before I go.” “No, I got it, you can go.” “I’ll be home by midnight. Probably. I’ll text you.”… Continue Reading →

Well that’s disappointing

“Should we just do it?” “No. We shouldn’t. Right?” “I don’t know. It’s not that big of a deal. We’ve done plenty of other stuff.” “Okay, let’s flip a coin.” “A coin?” “Yeah, why not?! Heads we do, tails we… Continue Reading →

Swipe Right

“Wait- what are you doing on your phone?” “Nothing.” “Are you swiping?! Did you get TINDER?!” “…no…” “Soooo we’re doing this then? This is happening?” “Yeah, I guess so.” That’s how it happened. Suddenly, after all the conversations, the fights,… Continue Reading →

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