My Open Marriage

A totally unfiltered, completely unorganized, story of a modern couple and the sex they have


Marriage is hard folks. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. It’s work to stay married and there are days, man are there days, when I’m not sure the benefits are worth it. For most of the past 2.5 years my… Continue Reading →

Left unsaid

Communication has never been my husband’s strength. He’s an introvert by nature and he’s also annoyingly independent. Which means, when he’s having a hard time he bottles it up inside and tries to figure it out himself. Let’s back up… Continue Reading →


What a difference a year can make. A year ago I was unhappy, but I didn’t know why. I just felt restless and unsettled. I had accomplished everything I had set out to accomplish aaaaand now what? Growing up I… Continue Reading →

The Denver Experience Part 2

So the night finished as expected. I had my fun with E. He was just as talented as his friend. I had officially had sex with two men in the same night- men I had JUST met. It was exhilarating…. Continue Reading →

The Denver Experience Part 1

“We should get away for a girls’ weekend.” “Where would we go?” “I dunno. Southwest is having a sale, let’s just find cheap airfare and go for it” “Deal.” Eight weeks later, Liz and I landed in Denver. We went… Continue Reading →


“When are you meeting her?” “I was going to leave in like 15 mins. I can help put the boys down before I go.” “No, I got it, you can go.” “I’ll be home by midnight. Probably. I’ll text you.”… Continue Reading →

Well that’s disappointing

“Should we just do it?” “No. We shouldn’t. Right?” “I don’t know. It’s not that big of a deal. We’ve done plenty of other stuff.” “Okay, let’s flip a coin.” “A coin?” “Yeah, why not?! Heads we do, tails we… Continue Reading →

Swipe Right

“Wait- what are you doing on your phone?” “Nothing.” “Are you swiping?! Did you get TINDER?!” “…no…” “Soooo we’re doing this then? This is happening?” “Yeah, I guess so.” That’s how it happened. Suddenly, after all the conversations, the fights,… Continue Reading →

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